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Two and a Half Men: Season 6, Episode 24 – Baseball with Better Steroids

Posted by tvshowmaniac on May 19, 2009

THUMB - two and a half men


TV.com: Mia’s return finds Charlie questionning how devoted he is to Chelsea. The guys rush a laboring Judith to the hospital.

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One Response to “Two and a Half Men: Season 6, Episode 24 – Baseball with Better Steroids”

  1. Janet said

    I LOVE 2-1/2 Men, BUT, I can’t stand the shows where Charlie is “attached.” I tape ALL the reruns, but when MIA is scheduled, I erase it. Now that he’s involved with “Chelsea,” I watch it once, although most of those shows are less than interesting, and I will also erase those when they come up on reruns.

    I LOVE Charlie Sheen. That is why I watch the show. But he’s NOT interesting when he’s “involved.” I just don’t like those shows and don’t want to watch them a second time. I guess I’ll just erase Chelsea reruns as I erase Mia reruns.

    I like Charlie as a “roue.” There are several episodes I could comment on that are very funny when he is being “Charlie.” I LOVE the shows with “Rose” and “Berta,” but NOT with Mia or Chelsea. They are not funny. They do not provide “spark” to the episodes. They “drown” Charlie. He isn’t the same person. Now that Chelsea’s on the scene, there seems to be no need to present Rose or Berta. Too bad! There is more angst and more tension with them on the shows. Now that Chelsea’s on the scene, the shows are BORING, to say the least. In my humble opinion, get rid of her. I prefer Rose and Berta to Chelsea. Maybe I’m jealous.

    I’m typing this as I’m watching a rerun, one without Mia or Chelsea. It’s much better than any I’ve seen with them. If Charlie’s going to get married on the show, I just may tune out. I like Charlie just when he’s being “Charlie.” I know he’s happily married in real life, but I’m not watching TV to see real life. I’ve loved Charlie ever since he’s been on the big and little screens, just as I love his dad. (My favorite movie of Martin’s is “The Maid.” I watch it over and over. It seems like a dichotomy that I enjoy watching Martin find “love” on the screen while I enjoy Charlie “playing the field.” Go figure.)

    Whatever TV mogul decided it was time for Charlie to find “love” on the TV screen has his blinders on. If this was a collective decision, then they who made the decision have their collective heads up their collective asses. I like Charlie single on the small screen, not attached. And bring back Rose and Berta, damn it!!!!

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